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Advance Care Planning

In Home Hospice Care provides free assistance with Advance Care Planning and Directives to clients and their families and carers.

Advance care planning is the process of planning for your future health care. It relates to health care you would or would not like to receive if you were to become seriously ill or injured and are unable to communicate your preferences or make decisions. This often relates to the care you receive at the end of your life.

Advance care planning gives you the opportunity to think about, discuss and record your preferences for the type of care you would receive and the outcomes you would consider acceptable. It helps to ensure your loved ones and doctors know what your health and personal preferences are and that these preferences are respected.

Why it's important to have an Advance Care Directive:

  • It helps to ensure you receive the care you actually want.
  • It improves ongoing and end-of-life care, along with personal and family satisfaction.
  • Families of people who have undertaken advance care planning have less anxiety, depression, stress and are more satisfied with care.

Contact us for further information or to book in a session to get you started with planning for your future healthcare.  This service is free of charge.