Compassionate palliative care in your community

How we can support you

Our carefully selected and trained volunteers are available to provide care and support in the home by exploring options to help to improve your ability to cope each day.

In Home Hospice Care (IHHCare) aims to provide care that fills the gaps in existing services currently provided in our community by offering overnight, extended daytime and weekend care, depending upon circumstances and resources. A roster of volunteer care will be put together for the times when help is required.

It is important to recognise that our volunteers are not nurses, our IHHCare staff will explain the role of the volunteer/s when they meet with you to talk about your needs.  The support we offer is both emotional and practical, and considers the individual needs of not only the ill person, but also those of carers and family members during all stages of the person's treatment.


Supportive Care Team

Our Hospice Support Care team are here to listen and support our patients, carers, families and volunteers. The team includes counsellors who can provide emotional support so that you do not feel alone.  Care and support by counsellors may include:

Register for support through the Carer Gateway 

The Carer Gateway Website provides practical information and resources to support carers.  It links carers to information about other support systems, such as NDIS, My Aged Care and Centrelink carer allowance payments.

Carers are also able to access a range of online supports to help them manage their daily challenges, reduce stress and plan for the future. These services will help carers to manage their daily challenges, reduce stress and plan for the future. 

The program focuses on providing carers with access to early-intervention, preventative and skill building supports, to improve well-being and long-term outcomes.  To learn more about these free supports and to access these online services to help you in your caring role, visit or phone 1800 422 737.